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Gina's Turning Music Into Gold

Gina's Turning Music Into Gold

Who: Gina Jeffreys
Where: Belmont 16ft Sailing Club
Author: Anthony Scully
When: Saturday September 5, 1998

AFTER only six weeks on the Australian country music charts, the latest album by the Queen of Australian country GINA JEFFREYS, looks set to be her biggest and best.

Songs from her third album, SOMEBODY'S DAUGHTER, will be performed at Belmont 16 Footers on Saturday, September 5, and at Club Phoenix on Sunday, September 6.

Jeffreys' album has almost gone gold, approaching sales of 35,000 in Australia, and the singer is delighted.

'It's pretty fast and it's only had one single (I HAVEN'T GOT A HEART) off it so far,' she said.

Jeffreys and partner/songwriter ROD McCORMACK spent five days in Nashville last year before returning home for three months of working on the songs.

'This time I had the luxury of being able to stop touring and just focus on the album,' she said.

'I really felt a need to have the quality of my album sound equivalent to what you can get out of America, because it's such a small world on a record-buying level.'

Before recording the album, the songwriting partners spent 18 months writing and collecting more than 200 songs.

Jeffreys said she was pleased with the final selection of songs on the album and was not 'depending' on success in new markets.

'The reason I do it is because I love to sing and I love to song-write and I love communicating with people and expressing myself and making music,' she said.

'It'd be great if something happened in Nashville, but I'm not depending on it.

'I have the attitude that I love my life and how it is at the moment and ultimately that comes first for me.'


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