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Hard Ons Thrash

Hard Ons Thrash

Who: The Hard Ons
Where: Hunter on Hunter
When: Saturday August 15, 1998

IF you want to see and hear one of the hardest, loudest, full-on pop shows around, be at the Hunter On Hunter on Saturday night to catch original thrashers THE HARD ONS at close quarters.

The group was meant to play at The Casbah, now out of action, so the more intimate surrounds of 'the Hunna' have been chosen for what will be a very memorable night of head banging.

Guitarist PETER 'BLACKIE' BLACK said the band's reunion, after breaking up in 1994, came after he and bass player RAY (still playing with Blackie in NUNCHUKA SUPERFLY) asked drummer KEISH if he still wrote songs that were 'Hard Ons-ish'.

He said he did, a jam was arranged, and voila! a new CD seems certain.

Ray and Blackie have been jamming since the early 1980s when the pair met in school.

'I knew Ray since I was a baby, but we never really talked, because he was in higher classes than me,' Blackie said.

'One day he came up to me one day and he goes you're that guy that likes the SEX PISTOLS and THE DAMNED," and I sort of said yeah", and he said, well I like THE JAM and XTC so let's swap tapes", and we sort of got into it.'

The band has sold 250,000 albums worldwide but broke up in 1994 when the audience's apathy rubbed off on the members. Since reforming the group's popularity has surged

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