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Chicaine Turns it on With Drums

Chicaine Turns it on With Drums

Who: Chicaine
Where: SJ's on Beaumont
When: Thursday August 13, 1998

ORIGINAL pop rock band CHICAINE, playing in the EXPOZAY BAND COMP tomorrow night at SJ's On Beaumont, has begun circulating a demo tape.

The first song WHAT ARE YOU DEAF? is typical of the group which is big on drum and sparing on its use of guitar. The first song rocks out with melodic pop vocals.

ANCIENT JOKES shows off the band's lyrical flair, containing some clever lines, laid-back country-style lead guitar and more big-beat drums.

HELLO GOOD BYE, is a raunchy rocker while COMING DOWN is a YOU AM I- infused homage to 1960s pop with gutteral vocals.

The highlight is the last song LIAR, a lazy, offbeat, meandering, crooner, which slips back into the pop mode with a twist at the end.

A good act to check out live.

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