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CD Debut Full of Pep

CD Debut Full of Pep

Who: Muzzy Pep
Where: SJ's on Beaumont
When: Wednesday August 26, 1998

LOOK out for MUZZY PEP, an original rock band from Maitland that has produced a brilliant self-titled, seven-track independent CD.

The group features SWALLOW TONGUE guitar-vocalist ERROL MOYLE and former HOOP guitarist SCOTT BLACKLEY, with STEVEN BISSETT on bass and SIMON MCCABE on drums.

The band says that if audience members can name a distinguishable influence, and come up with a justifiable explanation, they will give the lucky punter a free copy of the disc.

With CDs available only at gigs, mark your calendars for the launch at SJ's On Beaumont for THE HOT HOUSE on Wednesday, August 26. TE

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